Activator. Strategic Thinker. Passionate Communicator. Helper of Others.

Luke Mysse is known as a “business-minded creative” because of his strategic approach to generating results and helping people thrive for over two decades.

He has been a frequent business conference speaker, a TEDx presenter, a writer and a branding professional with past clients such as Pepsi, H&R Block and Universal Studios.

After 18 years in the branding business Luke felt led to commit the next season of his life to a non-profit project called Stop SAM. The group’s mission is to fight Severe Acute Malnutrition in severely poor areas like Sub-Saharan Africa.

In 2014 this story became very personal when Luke put his career on hold to ride a bicycle across America. On September 27th, supported by his wife and two boys, he crossed the George Washington Bridge completing a 4,170 mile
solo bike ride from San Diego, to Portland, to New York City.

The trip has raised over $100,000, a number that continues to grow today. Now back in Orange County, he splits his time between brand consulting, speaking and helping Stop SAM.Click here to contact me.

What Luke has spoken on:

    Finding life balance
    Discovering and branding your unique DNA
    Marketing strategies
    Business planning
    Passion and Purpose

Where Luke has spoken:

I’ve also done webinars and phone interviews for Freelancers Union, OC Talk Radio and IABC.

What others have said:
I’ve been called “passionate, funny, honest, inspiring and engaging.” Here is what others have said about my talks …

“Luke is a talented creative marketer & design professional who has found his calling: helping others to reach their goals through practical, disciplined, actionable plans. He is committed to doing this through his speaking, writing and consulting.” – David

“Luke gave a presentation at the 2010 Creative Freelancer Conference that was a great mix of practical advice and personal anecdotes. He helped the audience of independent creative-business owners understand how they could better manage their clients, and challenged them to make the tough decisions required to achieve better work-life balance. He shared his own business experience in a way that encouraged others.” – Bryn

“What a fun and compelling speaker!” – Cody

“Luke’s heart and desire to help, serve, and educate are truly inspirational. He has taught himself through a wide range of sources and takes every moment as an opportunity to teach. When I think of Luke, I envision a giant teddy bear because he cares that much about everything he does.” – Uday

“Luke is the kind of speaker you’re looking for: knowledgeable, engaging and funny at all the right moments. I was sitting in the back of the room during his session for the 2010 Creative Freelancer Conference, and I can tell you that the audience was listening, laughing and taking notes. And if you’ve been to any sort of conference or seminar lately, you know it’s not easy to distract attendees’ attention from their email, Facebook updates and Angry Birds marathons. So what are you waiting for? Hire him.” – Alisa

“Luke is a natural storyteller.” – David

“…what I like most about Luke is his speaking style is casual and entertaining to keep your audience engaged.” – Gina