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The Straw Man Promise

June 22nd, 2011

It’s been almost a month since I dropped AT&T for a Verizon iPhone. One of the major perceived issues with the change to Verizon was that you can’t use data and phone at the same time. Problem was, because my AT&T service was so bad, I wasn’t able to use data and phone together anyway. In fact, what finally sent me over the edge was that I was no longer able to send text messages from my house.

I was discussing this over Twitter where someone went on to call AT&T’s claim a “Straw Man argument at best.” I think that Twitter assertion is spot on.

I can honestly say that I haven’t needed the use of data and voice together yet, and really how often would I need that feature? As often as I would like to be able to make a call? Highly unlikely. However, what I have needed and enjoyed immensely is full signal wherever I go. My iPhone now works as, well, a phone.

It’s an interesting play for AT&T for sure and it may be their only play against Verizon at this point. We all know that they have been investing millions of dollars in the network and perhaps one day this will pass through to the consumer, but for now, I will enjoy my bars.

Fearing the “straw man,” I avoided Verizon for awhile. So, for a time, the AT&T campaign worked on me. But at the end of the day, if your product’s quality and service is missing, I guess you have to resort to attacking the competition.

I offered to stay with AT&T if I could get a MicroCell for home, but that wasn’t offered. And so I’ve moved on. I’ve also encouraged many others to do the same, four of which have followed suit.

I think the cell phone industry, like many other commodity industries, is waiting for a brand to stand up and simply beat the competition by giving consumers what they want instead of some lame straw man promise.

Goodbye AT&T. I took your advice and rethought possible.

I’m a Sucker for Spirit.

June 20th, 2011

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for spirit. I love when people do what they love and I will go out of my way to show my support. It’s why I have an office full of artwork. It’s also why I buy the brands I love. Something about their brand spirit is contagious to be around and that is great for business.

One such brand is fellow graphic designer Steve G. from RDQLUS Creative. I met Steve last year in Denver at a conference I spoke at. After watching him interact with his fans, I can say that his spirit is definitely contagious. It’s not only in how he interacts with people, but also in his work.

I recently picked up a couple of t-shirts from his store. Not only do I love the designs, but like the artwork hanging in my office, I will be reminded of the spirit that went creating them each time I don my RDQLUSthreads.

Hello. Hello.

June 11th, 2010

I wouldn’t normally plug or comment on a band but I love this new EP by HEROE’S UK. I guess I’m partially bias because the singer Jeff is a neighbor and I designed the cover/logo. But in all honesty this is some of the best music I’ve heard in awhile. I bet these guys go large.

Check it out, 4 songs, Boy Wonder is my favorite track.

Web Toolbox

May 25th, 2010

I’ve had a couple people ask me what I use for web design.

I’m still tied to Adobe Fireworks as my primary web design tool though I suspect Adobe will kill it at some point. I’ve tried to force myself into using Photoshop but I don’t love it for web.

As for other apps. I love love Coda from Panic (that’s twice the love). I like the simplicity and also how I can import favorites from Transmit.

Two other apps that I have found irreplaceable are Xscope from Iconfactory and the Firebug plugin for Firefox.

What about you? What apps do you use for web?

Sustainable wood frames

May 13th, 2010

A couple of my friends created this great new product called DEDO (pronounced DAY-DOE). Each frame is a one-of-a-kind creation crafted from leftover scraps of rare woods. I love the idea for its sustainability and, of course, I love the guys that are doing it.

I’m eying one of their Zebrawood frames, which you can buy here. Share some love.

iPad review

May 7th, 2010

What would a new blog be without a product review? Those that know me were not the least bit surprised that I had an iPad on day one. I’m known as an early adopter and especially when it’s any Apple product. Steve Jobs could introduce a piece of cardboard and I would go buy it.

Overall I love my iPad and feel like it’s found a place in my daily routine. The best explanation I’ve heard is that it’s for ‘consuming content’ not so much for creating it. This is spot on!

For creating content it’s a little odd, the on screen keyboard is weird and I’m not sure exactly how to hold it when typing. For quick emails and note taking it’s fine but I don’t see myself writing a full document or blog post on it (yes I know they sell a separate keyboard). It works to write, it’s just odd.

For consuming content it’s amazing. I’m a big reader of blogs, books, magazines and other online content (I try to read for an hour every morning even when I’m busy). It’s also great for consuming email, twitter, facebook and other things online. And the ABC TV / Netflix Apps are a huge bonus.

Biggest ‘pro’ – the battery life.

Biggest ‘con’ – data plans only available with AT&T at the moment (don’t get me started)

Having all my content in one place is worth the price of admission IMHO.

(image credit: Apple website, please don’t bash in my door like you did to that poor guy who blogged about the new iPhone. I love you Steve)