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New Year. New Job. Same Great Cause.

January 23rd, 2017

It’s been awhile since I’ve spoken to many of you, Dalia and I hope your 2017 is starting off great!

Some of you may have heard that I’ve taken my first full-time job at Calorie Cloud, a new startup looking to help severely malnourished kids by converting burned calories into the same life-saving packets that I rode across the country for.

How it works is people commit to getting active for 30 days (people like you), they track their activity, a sponsor then monetizes the active calories burned and we use that money to send life-saving packets to kids who need them most. Pretty cool concept.


Starting January 23rd, 2017 we are doing a “Friends and Family” challenge and inviting our friends to join TEAM MYSSE (that’s you).

We don’t need your money, we just need you to get active and give us those calories. (Don’t worry if you didn’t join day 1, you can still join at anytime and you’ll get credit for past activity.)

Dalia and I would be honored if you would join “Team Mysse”, get active and help end malnutrition.

My personal commitment for the next 30 days is to get active in some way every day of the challenge. (Look for posts on Instagram hashtags #TeamMysse #activeforgood).

Any activity counts, you don’t need to ride a bike cross country to help. Just walking around during the day can make a difference.

How to join:

From your phone:
1) Download the Calorie Cloud Tracker from the App store or Google Play.
2) Join challenge using event code: FAFC
3) Follow the prompts on screen to set up your account and pick “TEAM MYSSE”


From your computer:
1) Visit and join with event code: FAFC
2) Follow the prompts on screen and be sure to join “TEAM MYSSE”
3) Setup the tracker of choice (Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone), or download the Calorie Cloud app and use your phone.

That’s it. Join TEAM MYSSE, get active for good this month and we will get these calories to kids who need them most.

Thank you for your continued friendship.

Lots of love from Dalia and Luke

Taking a bike ride with Elvis.

August 20th, 2012

I had an amazing encounter  yesterday with a guy named Elvis while riding bike on PCH.

The story starts back in November of 2011 when I read a post on the Brooks Saddle blog  (Elvis Munis Takes the Long Road to Promote African Development). Inspired by what I read I connected with his page on Facebook and have been loosely following along.

Now I have to admit, I didn’t see anything in my stream for a long time so I sort of forgot about the trip. On Saturday morning however I noticed a picture on Facebook of Elvis standing near the Pacific. After further examination I realized that I had been in that exact spot near Carlsbad.  I realized their was a good chance he would be passing through OC on Sunday on his way north so I quickly left a comment. After some back and forth I made plans to ride out and meet him the next day somewhere on PCH.

That night I was sharing the story with my friend Ron who happened to be riding south from Dana Point the next morning. While waiting on PCH Sunday morning I got a call from Ron letting me know that he had found Elvis riding with a guy named James, they were making their way through Camp Pendelton together. I agreed to ride down to Dana Point to meetup with the pack (on Single Speed MASI 🙂

We met up and enjoyed a meal together in Dana Point. It was amazing listening to his stories about riding up through South America, about meeting cartel in Columbia and being warned about some of the dangers in Mexico. Also hearing about mechanical issues suffered in the middle of nowhere with no proper bike shop nearby.

I also enjoyed hearing more about his cause. His goal is to raise enough money to send 10 Tanzanians to college to learn about conservation. He went on to talk about the importance of conservation in Tanzania, how the country relies so heavily on safari tourism which I had never really thought much about. I believe in conservation sure but I never really put it together with prosperity the of a nation. Makes complete sense that if one of their biggest industries is tourism that they need to educate future generations on the importance of conservation.

After our brunch I got to lay down some miles with Elvis riding with he and James up to Seal Beach. It was great to see so many other cyclist ride up and chat with him about his trip. He was always ready to hand out a small card with the URL and very gracious.

At a gas station near Seal Beach we said our goodbyes. I ended up putting in 75 miles on the single speed in the heat but as Elvis said “this heat feels like vacation compared to riding from Yuma” which he had done just a few days prior.

His 2 year journey will cover 28,000 miles and 47 countries. WOW

You can read more about Elvis or contribute:

I’m a Sucker for Spirit.

June 20th, 2011

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for spirit. I love when people do what they love and I will go out of my way to show my support. It’s why I have an office full of artwork. It’s also why I buy the brands I love. Something about their brand spirit is contagious to be around and that is great for business.

One such brand is fellow graphic designer Steve G. from RDQLUS Creative. I met Steve last year in Denver at a conference I spoke at. After watching him interact with his fans, I can say that his spirit is definitely contagious. It’s not only in how he interacts with people, but also in his work.

I recently picked up a couple of t-shirts from his store. Not only do I love the designs, but like the artwork hanging in my office, I will be reminded of the spirit that went creating them each time I don my RDQLUSthreads.

co-working in Orange

November 2nd, 2010

I’ve decided to open up my office as a sort of co-working space. I really don’t need all this space and I’m only here about 3 days a week so why not share? Just for fun I posted a little single page site with details here

Sustainable wood frames

May 13th, 2010

A couple of my friends created this great new product called DEDO (pronounced DAY-DOE). Each frame is a one-of-a-kind creation crafted from leftover scraps of rare woods. I love the idea for its sustainability and, of course, I love the guys that are doing it.

I’m eying one of their Zebrawood frames, which you can buy here. Share some love.