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Online Radio Show

July 12th, 2010

This Thursday I will be a guest on the online radio show Critical Mass hosted by Ric Franzi. Should be a fun interview. Feel free to give a listen online Thursday at 4:00pm. [click here]

Update: Here is a link to the recording if you want to check it out. [click here]

CFC Debrief

June 8th, 2010

I had the exceptional privilege of speaking at the Creative Freelance Conference this weekend (co-hosted by HOW and Marketing Mentor). At this amazing event, I got to speak to my people. Like everyone else in the room, I will return to the trenches and try to figure out better ways to work. In fact I may be using my “no” button tomorrow.

I always walk away from a talk having received more than I gave, and this weekend was no exception. The conference was great. Here are my personal highlights:

1. Conferences are more about the “in-between” for me, about the happy hour conversations or the walks back to the hotel. That social time is what made it really special for me, and I met some really great people at CFC.  Mark Duebner may have adopted me into his tribe and I think Steve Gordon Jr has a serious sneaker habit. So many great people.

2. All of the speakers were great. I got nuggets of wisdom from all of them. But I especially loved Dyana Valentine’s perfect pitch talk. More than her content, though, I just really think she’s rad. She prods people to embrace what makes them unique. Her name tag handouts ROCK! Mine read, “Hello I’m really good at calling people out.” Her excitement about teaching people is contagious. And I could not agree more; we are all so unique.

3. Connecting with others in Denver made for a great trip. I had lunch with a client, drinks with my friend RaShelle from inVision, lunch with a friend and even saw a Rockies game before I left.

I hope people got something out of my rant. I love speaking and could see myself doing more of it. Thank you to Ilise and Peleg for inviting me.

This is the longest time I’ve been away from my wife and kids in a while. Don’t worry, guys; Daddy will be home soon.

It could be your fault.

May 11th, 2010

I’m speaking at the HOW Creative Freelance Conference this year in Denver. The title of my talk will be “Who’s the Boss?” and will focus on how to manage clients and their expectations.

Too often we stay silent about our expectations and lack the courage to speak up. My question is, if you don’t speak up who’s fault is it when those expectations go unmet?

“Expectations that go unspoken also go unheard” and that could be your fault.

The next time you have that internal feeling of disappointment about something or someone, step up and express how you feel. Tell them what your expectations were or are. Chances are they didn’t even know about it.

Speaking with @Jovenville

May 6th, 2010

I’m excited to be speaking with my friend Joven Orozco next week at My 4 Hats, hosted by WAG. We will be sharing about the need for Creative Professionals to wear multiple hats.

The interesting thing about speaking for me is the preparation beforehand. I find it to be informative and stretching at the same time, it really makes me look into my thinking and processes. Speaking also serves up a dose of conviction now and then.

Example, during one of the sessions I will be talking about ‘segmenting your week’, about the mental tax we pay for multi-tasking and the need to sometimes just work at one thing until it’s done. The conviction came when I realized I’ve fallen out of discipline on this, it’s time for me to ‘eat my own dog food’ and get back to an ideal week.

When I speak I try to be transparent about my struggles because I truly believe we are all in this together. If I learn something, I’m going to share it.