Boxes Of Love


As the story goes I was riding my bicycle across the US in 2014 as Cycle Cause to benefit Stop SAM when I got to meet some remarkable kids in Whitefish Bay, WI.

We had taken a couple rest days when I had the privilege to speak at a couple local schools, telling a story of perseverance and answering questions about what it was like to ride so many miles.

I had first learned about Boxes Of Love from my friend Brett but had no idea how amazing this event truly was. In 5 years these remarkable kids have raised over $160,000 for some great causes.

Fast forward a year later and that little talk about perseverance has resulted in a great partnership for the 2015 BOL event. This year’s bake sale will benefit Stop SAM and our current drive to send more packets to South Sudan.

When I heard the great news about Stop SAM being selected I jumped on a plane to go speak to these amazing kids again. It was great to share stories from the Cycle Cause trip and also share some stats about the work being done in South Sudan. To say I’m inspired by these kids is an understatement.

So how can you help?
1. Go to and order some tasty cookies which make great holiday gifts.
2. Or you can just make a donation at the same link.


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