One year later.


September 27th of last year I finished the ride of my life, 4170 miles across America to provide hope for malnourished kids living in South Sudan.

One year later I’m still coming to grips with all the change that has happened as a result. I set out with the simple goal of helping some starving kids but really had no idea the ripple effects this would send through all the areas of my life. Effects that are both positive and difficult.

For the first few months of being back it was hard to even think about the trip. I truly needed a break. Needed to take some steps back and reflect. I also needed to reestablish some sort of normal for my family, whatever that means.

Now one year later I’ve started writing (again). I want to tell the stories that never got told on Instagram and Facebook. The stories of heartache and triumph. The stories that my kids and grandkids will read some day.

What I’m saying is that their will be a Cycle Cause book coming soon, hopefully completed by the end of 2015.

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