Breaking a daily ritual

I’m starting to realize that sometimes I do things purely out of ritual. I can’t even explain why I do certain things, nor do I even necessarily want to do them. I refer to this as ritual, but I guess in some cases it could also be called addiction.

For me, my big ritual is coffee multiple times a day. Even though I’m a snob when it comes to coffee, I’ll drink bad coffee purely because it’s there and it’s a part of the ritual. Get up, go have coffee, read, go to work. After lunch, it continues with iced coffee, sometimes multiple cups.

The times that I’ve worked to stop drinking coffee aren’t because I don’t want to drink it anymore. I just want to break the ritual. I’ve had the same thing with beer. It would be better to enjoy a craft brew in moderation when I feel like it or with a special friend versus having one at the end of every work day just because that’s what I feel the need to do.

I’m not saying that ritual is always a bad thing, but it’s good to understand why we do things, and it’s good not to be controlled by things we consume. I guess it comes down to everything in moderation.

What are your rituals? Do you feel comfortable with them or are you working towards moderation?

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