The biggest announcement of my career


As I get up in age, turning 37 tomorrow, I’m amazed at the number of years I’ve been doing certain things. Seventeen years in business, married for over 15, I’ve had my office in Orange for over 13 years, which doesn’t even feel possible. Time really does move quickly.

As I reflect on where I’m at in my life, it has all boiled down to two questions: “Are you truly doing your life’s work? And if not, why are you wasting time?”

I’ve been studying many historical figures who have made an important impact on our world. What I’ve noticed they all have in common is their sense of urgency and purpose. They didn’t have big vision only to let it sit dormant while they did other things.

The fight against Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) is something I’m very passionate about and have been involved in for a few years now through MANA Nutrition, Good Spread and more recently co-founding STOP SAM. I also love speaking, sharing my stories about life and the positive impact cycling has had on my life (I’ve now lost over 100lbs riding).

For a couple of years, I’ve had this internal pull towards something else, a big idea, something that will inspire and help others. Now, I’ve tried to kill this idea a couple times but about four months ago, the big idea came roaring back. However this time, I decided to tell my wife about it, knowing she would say no, it would be up to her to kill it.

So I shared with my wife Dalia that day…

“I want to raise awareness for STOP SAM by riding my bike across  America and speaking. And I want you and the boys to follow me in an RV and be a part of this. I think the trip will take about six months.”

Her response…

“Oh my gosh, that’s amazing! Let’s do it!”

Wait, what?!??!

No, no, you were suppose to say no, so I didn’t have to do this.

She later went on to say, “When Ayden, #theViking, was born, I felt like I wanted to get involved with a child-related cause. And when you got involved with MANA, I thought, “This is it.” But I didn’t feel like I ever found my role until now. My role is to take my husband on this trip.”

It took me over a week to even figure out what just happened. So now the announcement….

In May of 2014, because of my wife’s faith, and because it’s my passion, I will get on my bike and ride 4,000 miles to New York City along the northern route of the US, a journey that is expected to take three months. My wife and two boys will be coming along in an RV. We will be documenting our journey and sharing the story of SAM with anyone who will listen. Once we hit the east coast, we will spend about three months driving back across the US, sharing what we did and raising money and awareness for

How can you help?

  • You can help me celebrate my birthday by donating to the birthday campaign. 
  • You can go check out Stop SAM and participate in our upcoming #PBJForGood campaign.
  • We will be launching the ride brand “Cycle Cause” very soon. Stay tuned for details.
  • If you know someone I should meet please make the introduction.

What I’ve learned: When your wife say’s she wants to go on an adventure, you take her on an adventure. When you see a way to follow your passion, you do it without delay. It’s about showing my two boys what life is really about.

I’ll continue to service some clients as we start pursuing this dream. We have so much to figure out, sponsorships, homeschooling, routes, etc. But I’ve never been so clear in my life. This is the beginning of my life’s work. That work starts now.

photo by Nicole Caldwell

19 Responses to “The biggest announcement of my career”

  • High fives. Making change is scary as hell, but oh…. So….Fun!

  • Mark Moore says:

    Awesome Luke! Just think…we’ll literally give those 100 pounds you lost to kids in Africa! You will be the first person in history to refuse to “lose” weight but to “give” it instead. HA! That’s pretty awesome ’cause studies show that people who lose weight generally find it again anyway;-) You can’t ever have yours back … cause I know you are way too nice a guy to take it from the kid you gave it to in Sudan via MANA and Stop SAM. Great stuff!

  • You inspire. You lead. You will change the world with every mile! Honored to support you and your family!

  • Luke says:

    I also have another 35-40 lbs I would like to give. Thankfully in the five years of loosing weight I haven’t found any of it again. Get your cycling legs ready Mr Moore, I’m gonna need to ride with the founder of MANA at some point in this journey.

  • Patrick Ayres says:

    Luke, Wishing you all the best in your new fabulous goal. Deb and I will be moving to our retirement home on the Ranch in Northern Cal in October. We’d love to have you come see us once the dust settles on your new adventure!

  • Luke says:

    Thanks Patrick. I will have to see if we can swing through that area on our journey 🙂

  • Troy says:

    This is like you nailing a proclamation to the doorpost for everyone to see. You are doing this thing! Ride on my friend. Love it.

  • Good on ya Luke. It will be a pleasure to support you in any way we can, financially, prayerfully, and maybe scholastically – Christina has been homeschooling for years. Give me a shout when you are able. Maybe you guys should come over for dinner and we can talk about it.

  • Go, Luke, Go! Get us your East Coast stops/plans when available. We’ll need to set up some connections for you – looking forward to supporting the Cycle Cause!

  • Jill says:

    Well written! Have enjoyed hearing about this in person and you capture the conversation perfectly! We will support you!

  • Kenneth says:

    that’s awesome! you have inspired!

  • Joanne says:

    Can’t wait to see you all in NYC! Truly inspiring!

  • I am so excited to be reading this blog right now after hearing you talk about it recently. I got big chills for you at this moment, your moment. I’ll be helping you spread the word friend! Life is good!!

  • Ilise Benun says:

    Luke, this is a double-dog-dare if ever there was one! I’ll support however I can and you must come through Hoboken to get to NYC. I’ll be here waiting when you do.

  • Michel Bort says:

    Lukesss!! man that is awesome! i am proud of you and i am proud of Dalia! this is an amazing initiative.. i will make sure to follow donate and pray..
    all the best..
    Uncle Meesh

  • Erik Hugstad says:

    Big Hairy Audacious Goal !! The largest BHAG I have heard in a long time from a good friend. Very inspiring. I will definitely support and follow your mission. Good for you for following your passion.

  • Shawn says:

    Where do I start? First off, WOW! I think I am not only inspired by the breath of your goal but also the cause. I think as many men do, I dream of how to create a win, win, win(responsibility, passion, family).
    You my friend have achieved the trifecta, winning!. Count us in for prayer and support.

  • Chris says:

    I’m super stoked for you guys. Jen Hubbard showed us your page. Let us know if you have any RV questions. You may want to check out as well to get some ideas for the cycling portion of your trip.

  • Suzie says:

    I am so excited for you guys. This seems like a great experience for all of you. I hope you are successful and the the months on the road will bring your family closer than ever before. xoxo Mark & Suzie