Sometimes little things make a brand

When it comes to building a personal brand, I think the little things can make a big difference. I was reminded of this as I think of my two sons. And yes, as a branding guy, I think of everything in terms of branding, even my two young kids. But seriously, even at a young age, I can see things that fit their brand.

My youngest is a complete clown. He loves to laugh and make people laugh. His little brand touch lately has been adjusting the straps on my backpack. He knows that I pick my bag up every morning and I’ve mentioned to him multiple times that I don’t want him playing with it, but his rebel clown brand lives on.

Contrast that with my older son who is easily one of the most thoughtful kids I’ve met. He has been known to buy flowers for his mother without anyone prompting him. The other day, he put toothpaste on my toothbrush and laid out my pajamas while I was in the shower. His caring, thoughtful brand shines through.

Another example is Apple. If you’ve every purchased one of their products, it’s hard not to notice how brilliant and over-engineered their packaging is. I doubt it costs much more than any other electronic packaging, but it’s so thoughtful and it gives you the feeling that you really are part of something special.

What are your favorite brand touches? What could you be doing as a brand to add those little memorable touches? Toss in a little surprise now and then; sometimes it’s the little things that make a brand grown big.

One Response to “Sometimes little things make a brand”

  • Alisa says:

    Love it. E bought me flowers at Costco on Saturday. He shares a brand with your oldest. 🙂

    Something that I’ve found interesting is how quickly the kids pick up on the brand qualities. He notices that Apple packages have “nothing but the apple on them.” Even though he can’t yet read he can tell you that something is “fancy” just by the choice of font or the amount of white space. His awareness fascinates me.