A Solid Base Hit

I went to an Angels game a couples weeks ago with my son and was reminded about a question that came up during my talk in Las Vegas to the Kaseya Connect group. The title of my talk was “Branding Your Companies Unique DNA” and we were discussing the importance of investing in your brand.

An audience member asked, “A common complaint amongst companies is that they spend a ton of money and three months of time launching a new brand only to have it not pay off. Do you have any suggestions?”

I answered his question with a simple baseball analogy about base hits versus home runs. Sometimes you may need that home run; you may need to swing for the fences and make the big investment in order to make a big shift in your business. But the thing about swinging for the fences is that you have a greater risk of striking out.

On the other hand, getting a base hit is a little more manageable and the risk is less. In most cases, I like the base hit approach to helping a client build his or her business. I like the idea of hitting a couple of solid base hits each month instead of throwing every ounce of effort into one big thing. Sometimes home runs are needed, but beware the strike out.

I would also suggest that if you’re going to swing for the fences that you still hit a few base hits first. Besides, it’s nice to have a couple of people on base when you finally do hit that one over the fence.

Next time, we’ll discuss things to consider before you swing for the fences …

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