Branding Your Unique DNA

I’m currently in Las Vegas for Kaseya Connect where I will be speaking to a group of IT service professionals tomorrow about branding their unique DNA. In a business where the product is service, I believe each company is unique (whether they choose to believe it or not).

In the end, if you are selling service you are selling relationships both on an individual and a company brand level. Because people are unique (some more than others) it stands to reason that the companies they work for are unique as well. You may never know this by reading some marketing materials.

During my talk I will share some key points which I feel are essential to building a service company brand.

Brand Positioning – this is answering who you are in the prospect’s mind.
Brand Consistency – a company should always examine how they look, act, and what they say.
Brand Culture – in service, it’s about your people, and your culture will bleed through to those client relationships.

I will expand on this idea of Unique DNA branding later. Stay tuned! Until then I’m looking forward sharing tomorrow, hope some folks are ready with some great questions as well.

One Response to “Branding Your Unique DNA”

  • Alisa says:

    One of the things I’ve been talking about with all of my clients is the fact that people are talking about content strategy within their website, but no one is taking the time to step back, figure out their positioning and consistency, and express that in all aspects of their communications. (One actually asked, “There’s more to communications than the web?” Uh, yes.) That DNA should be evident in the trade show booth and sales presentations just as much as the website itself.

    That’s my professional rant for 2011 and beyond.