Hoping to create a Spark

I’ve been invited to speak at the AIGA Y Conference this weekend in San Diego.

As with other times when I’ve spoke I’m always convicted during the note preparation time. It’s then when I have to really think about what I believe and why…and put it in writing *gasp. This weekend I will be doing a two hour ThinkShop on the subject of ‘hiring clients’.

The premise of the talk is that we should market ourselves better so we can be more selective. It’s not about finding clients that are easy but more about finding clients that enable us to do our best work. Some of my key points will be…

  • Know what energizes you as a person and as a designer.
  • Know what your perfect client looks like.
  • Know what your perfect client needs from you.
  • and finally, Know how to market yourself to that group.

It should be an interesting weekend and I look forward to the conversations and hang time with my fellow creatives.

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