Head in the clouds.

I have to be honest. I’ve had my head in the clouds lately. All my discipline and routines seem to have flown right out the window.

Initially, I felt guilty that I had lost some of my focus. But the truth is, sometimes you walk, sometimes you run, and sometimes you just need to sit still. The other thing I’ve noticed is that when my head is in the clouds, I tend to dream more. I think about how things could be or what if this or that. Sometimes I get so focused on pushing the cart forward that I forget to stop and see if the cart could be improved in some way.

This head in the cloud feeling has resulted in limited blogging for me recently, but it has certainly given me all sorts of ideas.

I have, however, written a couple of posts for the Creative Freelancer Blog. Below are some links. Check it out:

The ol’ client bait and switch…read more

I’m so mad I could spit!

More to come…

One Response to “Head in the clouds.”

  • I’m a cloud-dweller, too, Luke. I’ve discovered there is a different set of structures & disciplines in that head space. I take better notes (on my own process) when I’m looking at everything from the summit. I have more outlandish ideas; I have MORE ideas when I give myself some cloud time. Do you find having external deadlines (outlets like CF blog) helps you find some ground when you are in the clouds?