My love of reading.

I once hated reading, but I disciplined myself to do it anyway and now have a genuine love for books. I always ask people what they’ve read recently and I’m always shocked when they respond with something like “Oh, I haven’t really read many books since college.” Oh really? Not only is that just plain sad, it’s a quick way to get passed up in the marketplace.

There are so many smart people out there writing such great stuff. Honestly, too much great stuff. I would read for hours if I could, but I’ve found that an hour a day minimum keeps me satiated. Here are a few tips for making reading a part of your day:

Commit to a time.
I personally like mornings. I get in early and clear a few things off my list. Then around 8:00 am, I take an hour for reading at the local coffee shop. I also enjoy an hour outside in the park as a great way to mix up my day.

Have a system.
My reading consists of blogs, e-newsletters, articles and books. I’ve given up on trying to stay current and clear out my RSS feed. I just commit to that hour. In that hour, I dedicate 40 minutes or so to my current book and another 20 minutes to the digital stuff. (Stay tuned for a future post where I will describe in detail my system for collecting and reading digital content.)

Finally, I share with my friends what I’ve been reading. I find it addicting to give away books or share a title that may prove helpful. You’re not just reading for you. You’re also building knowledge that you can give away.

So, speaking of sharing…read any great books lately? Feel free to comment about your favorites.

4 Responses to “My love of reading.”

  • I know you know “Rework” by the 37 Signals guys. But I think I liked it more than you. Especially appreciate the punchy very readable format.

    “The Big Book of Basketball” by Bill Simmons was the most fun read I’ve had in a while. Must-read for hoops geeks like me.

    Slogging very slowly through the gargantuan “Shantaram” which I hope to finish before Johnny Depp makes the movie version.

    And now cutting through “Microtrends” that was recommended by a client that we may or may not be doing work for.

  • kristin ayrault says:

    “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell. That’s a definite favorite of mine. I’d like to pick that one up again. I never thought reading could satisfy me, but since we got rid of our TV 4 years ago, magazines and books have become our couch setting form of entertainment. Instead of a TV in front of our couch, there’s a book shelf. It sounds boring I’m sure, but we like it. I recommend Outliers though if you haven’t read it yet.

  • Michael Doan says:

    I’m currently reading “Why Your Work Sucks and What to Do About It”. It’s about the Results-Only Work Environment that Best Buy implemented which all meetings are optional, and you work when and where you want. The theme of the book is that work is an activity and not a place or time.

    By the way, my work doesn’t suck 🙂 The book has an unfortunate name.

  • Dani says:

    Right now I’m re-reading “Eat Pray Love” and just started “The Blind Side”. I love true stories written in a compelling way – not only do they inspire, but they cause me to look at my life and career differently. Thanks for your thoughts!