Piles and piles of mail

It’s kind of sad how much mail that belongs in the trash we get every day. It seems like a complete waste of paper and energy. I, like most marketers, have thoughts about how one could increase their return with fewer pieces, but that’s a post for another day.

Today, I want to share a little organizational tip for the less-than-organized set. One that will ensure that a pile of mail is not wasting space on our desks. Here’s how I approach my mail:

1. Take advantage of digital options such as bill pay, online payments and automatic withdrawal.

2. Have a system for what to do with things like bills and notices that come to the office. I have a green “accounting box” where I stash such mail. Once a week, I pull out that box and deal with its contents.

3. Finally, clean the mail. Don’t let the whole pile of mail as you pulled it out of the box make it to your desk. I open my mail downstairs at the office and only let the couple of important pieces make it upstairs. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up with piles and piles of those supermarket newspapers.

photo credit TheeErin

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