It’s about the miles

Unlike cars, we don’t depreciate over time. The more miles or experience we have should allow us to charge more for what we do. Something may only take me a couple hours to figure out but that efficiency should be a gain for us both. As a client, you get the good ideas, the perfect solution. As the vendor, I get the benefit of doing what I do well and charging accordingly for that service.

However, like cars, I think if we aren’t careful, we can begin to tarnish and rust over time. I’m shocked at how many people I meet that haven’t read a book since college. The world is moving at an incredible pace. If you don’t do things to continue learning, you will soon find yourself left behind.

Experience + continued learning = a very valuable person in any market.

Some young guy might have the learning but lack the real world experience to make things happen. Likewise, a more experienced person might have the years, but may have grown stagnant and as a result becomes a dinosaur at his trade. So keep learning, read constantly, be open to new ideas and put in the miles.

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