Stop writing on envelopes

My desk used to be filled with places to take notes. I would write things on the corners of envelopes, on Post-its and any other scrap of paper I could get my hands on. Well, as you can imagine, things would go missing and suddenly I would be freaking out about losing that important email address or phone number.

My solution, and one that I’ve been practicing for a few years now: Don’t give yourself the option. I now only keep a single Moleskine book on my desk. This serves as a single location for notes, ideas, sketches, etc. This book travels with me to meetings and important events. I basically just keep this and the digital notes on my iPhone. That is all.

Now some will say, “What if you lose that book?”. Point taken, and it would be a bummer for sure. But first of all, I was losing notes all the time before I had the book. So what would be the difference? Second, is perceived value. My one Moleskine is very valuable to me. I am very aware of its value and, as a result, take great care in where I leave it.

I won’t get into the system of how I keep notes since that might reveal how truly OCD organized I am. Nor will I talk about buying these books by the case so that I can ensure my books remain the same over the years. OCD, I know.

Find a single place to keep notes and rid your desk of other clutter. Find the system that works for you. And no, I don’t think random scraps of paper is a system.

(photo of my desk above)

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