Speaking with @Jovenville

I’m excited to be speaking with my friend Joven Orozco next week at My 4 Hats, hosted by WAG. We will be sharing about the need for Creative Professionals to wear multiple hats.

The interesting thing about speaking for me is the preparation beforehand. I find it to be informative and stretching at the same time, it really makes me look into my thinking and processes. Speaking also serves up a dose of conviction now and then.

Example, during one of the sessions I will be talking about ‘segmenting your week’, about the mental tax we pay for multi-tasking and the need to sometimes just work at one thing until it’s done. The conviction came when I realized I’ve fallen out of discipline on this, it’s time for me to ‘eat my own dog food’ and get back to an ideal week.

When I speak I try to be transparent about my struggles because I truly believe we are all in this together. If I learn something, I’m going to share it.

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