iPad review

What would a new blog be without a product review? Those that know me were not the least bit surprised that I had an iPad on day one. I’m known as an early adopter and especially when it’s any Apple product. Steve Jobs could introduce a piece of cardboard and I would go buy it.

Overall I love my iPad and feel like it’s found a place in my daily routine. The best explanation I’ve heard is that it’s for ‘consuming content’ not so much for creating it. This is spot on!

For creating content it’s a little odd, the on screen keyboard is weird and I’m not sure exactly how to hold it when typing. For quick emails and note taking it’s fine but I don’t see myself writing a full document or blog post on it (yes I know they sell a separate keyboard). It works to write, it’s just odd.

For consuming content it’s amazing. I’m a big reader of blogs, books, magazines and other online content (I try to read for an hour every morning even when I’m busy). It’s also great for consuming email, twitter, facebook and other things online. And the ABC TV / Netflix Apps are a huge bonus.

Biggest ‘pro’ – the battery life.

Biggest ‘con’ – data plans only available with AT&T at the moment (don’t get me started)

Having all my content in one place is worth the price of admission IMHO.

(image credit: Apple website, please don’t bash in my door like you did to that poor guy who blogged about the new iPhone. I love you Steve)

One Response to “iPad review”

  • Luke,
    As popular as the iPhone and iPad are, one fear of every owner is dropping their precious possession and breaking the glass screen. I tried wrapping my iPhone in bubble wrap to prevent this from happening but found that it took too long to answer the phone when it rang.

    Do you know if there are any “reasonable” repair solutions for our iCracks that may not cost as much as a used device on eBay?

    Love the blog and will check in frequently.